Eye Muscle Building Exercises for Speed Reading

Understanding Eye Movements

While reading, our eyes act brutally, cannot see some words or look unintentionally on some  words for long time. The moment when the eye performs reading is the moment when it stops. If we learn to stop less in a line, we will necessarily take the first step to read faster. We can liken this to a car journey. Think of there is a distance from point A to point B and there are 2 vehicles going at the same speed. One of them stops 5 times and the other 1 gives just 1 break. The one less stopped vehicle will arrive at the destination faster. However, we should not forget that our eyes cannot see more than 4-5 words at once. Therefore, if you do not have superior skills, you should learn to see 4-5 words at a glance, not to see a whole page.

Our eyes can read a maximum of 20-21 letters in total. This corresponds to an average of 4-5 words each time. Normal readers read literally as they learned in primary school, then they can improve the vision angle by conditioning themselves to see more.

Train Your Eyes for Less Movement

The brain controls the movements of the eye, where to look at the next moment, what the next word it will see. If we train our eyes on the page, we can observe that this has improved further.

  • Place a card by aligning it to the text.
  • Oppose the 2nd word in the text, write “X” on the card.
  • Against the 5th word in the same line, write “X” on the card.
  • If there is a space on the card, you can put another “X” in line with the 8th word.

Now we take the card down from the lines one by one by looking at the “X” at the line level.

Lift tons of loads with eye muscles

So much information, workload, and sometimes too many documents to be read that can’t lift our heads off the table. Think of it as an arm. There is a load and you have to move it from one place to another. If you are not a strong person, if you are not doing sports, if your arms are weak, you are more likely to get tired before carrying the load is over than someone who is strong, muscular and sports. The structure of the eyes also has a similar feature. If we do not train our eyes, it will be like weak arm muscle and it will take long time for us to pass over one line to another.

To do this, we need to stretch our eyes. So how do we do this? After sitting upright, looking straight ahead, we try to turn our eyes to the right as much as possible, but we don’t move our heads. We do the same thing to look left this time. We do this 20 times, and in doing so, we begin to do so by accelerating after the first five stretching movements.

We continue the same process up and down this time. The first 5 moves in 20 repetitions should be done to stretch and the other 15 should be done for strengthen.

After this movement, we turn our eyes. So right, up, left, down. Your eyes may hurt because you haven’t done much of these exercises so far, but don’t be afraid this is an indication that it is developing. If you feel it hurts much, warm your hands and leave them on your eyelids for 3-5 seconds.

Another exercise is trying to see your nose. Technique of trying to see as one .. This is an exercise type that increases concentration.

After stretching and strengthening movements, we are now doing similar work on the lines. We can look left, right, everywhere in the movement of stretching and strengthening our eyes, but we need to look more coordinated in order to achieve this on the text we will read. So there must be a goal. At this point, try to do this by skipping 2 words after each word on the text. Take half a second of time for each look.

We should not forget that we need to be prepared before starting a job. While reading, the exercises of developing eye muscles play a very important role in order to be able to read quickly and not get bored from what we read even when the pages pass, and not get tired and sleep.