Mehmet T.

Mehmet T. was graduated from Yeditepe University Management Information Systems Department. After graduation, he acquired his first venture by actualizing the concept that he experienced in America where he went after he completed his internship in Google in 2011-2012. 1.5 years later, he obtained his first capital by selling this venture to 10 times of its founding capital. He provides Speed Reading – Memory Trainings with the software systems he has developed.

He has received training from Tony Buzan -the inventor of Mind Maps and the founder of the World Memory Championship- and he is Senior Tony Buzan Licensed (TLI) instructor working for speed reading, memory techniques and mind maps. Mehmet Taşhanlıgil is also an instructor of 6 Countries Union of Municipalities.

In different provinces and districts, he has trained thousands of people in areas of his expertise. He has trained and certified more than 15,000 students in speed reading with Speedymemo speed reading and comprehension software developed by him own. Besides Speed Reading, Memory Techniques and Mind Maps trainings, he gives communication seminars such as “Entrepreneurship from 0 to 1” and “Smiling Face Of The Persuasion”.

The tasks that he carried out actively; PDA Consulting General Coordinatorship, Speedymemory General Directorate, Super Speed Reading General Directorate, TEDx Ankara Organizations. Mehmet T. also continues to serve as an educational consultant to nearly 20 schools, institutions and companies actively and conducts R&D projects on virtual reality and artificial intelligence related to education.