Memory Techniques

Tony Buzan Certified Tutorial Training
Memory Techniques Course by Mehmet Taşhanlıgil

Memory Techniques Course, led by world memory champions, will ensure that you will never forget the faces you see, dates and names and always make an unforgettable impression.

This training will help your memory to become better, think differently, improve your concentration and understanding by eliminating the obstacles in front of you about remembering and learning.

Memory Techniques Course


With the Memory Techniques Course, it is aimed that participants understand better and keep what they understand in their memories for a long time.


  • Memory Techniques Show
  • Memory Nails Technique
  • Name Face Memory
  • Memorizing English Words
  • Features That Should Be On Target

What is Acquired?

At the end of the course, participants;

  • prevent mental disorganization by consciously recording their knowledge in their memories,
  • learn how to recall the requested information from the memory area, when required,
  • acquire special abilities in subjects such as speech, communication, learning, motivation, concentration as being people with strong memory.