Mind Maps

Mind Maps Developed By Tony Buzan

You can join our 1-Day Mind Mapping Program for the Efficiency Workshop or you can change your life and career by attending our 2-day Mind Mapping course given by Tony Buzan Lecturer Mehmet Taşhanlıgil.

Learn Mind Mapping from the only licensed instructor in Turkey of Tony Buzan, the leader of creative thinking and Mind Mapping with his over 40 years of experience.

Mind Maps Craining, which is the most versatile creative thinking tool used by more than 250 million people around the world and organizations such as Apple, the United Nations, Disney and NASA, will give you different perspectives.

Lead in to creative and innovative thinking with our 1-day workshops or join our 2-day course from Mehmet Taşhanlıgil, a full Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping.

Mind Mapping workshop for productivity: Includes 1-day workshop. You gain an understanding of the origins of Mind Mapping and you get the basic skills needed to do Mind Mapping to your daily life and work.

Tutorial Training from Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping Process: In this 2-day advanced course, which is regularly directed by Tony Buzan himself, you will understand the origins of the Mind Mapping process and learn the technique that covers the scientific issues behind the principle of work and how to apply it effectively. The Tony Buzan Licensed Tutorial Training Course will enable you to become a competent instructor to present and teach Mind Mapping Courses that you can certify under ThinkBuzan, learn the subject in detail and teach others.

Mind Mapping Course


To provide multi-purpose thinking and reaching creative ideas on taking notes during a meeting, project management, planning, creative thinking and problem solving.


Mind Map is a powerful graphic technique that allows to reveal the full potential of the brain.

It strongly activates all areas in the cortex of the brain – words, images, numbers, logic, rhythms, colors, and spatial awareness – in a single method.

In this way, it offers you the opportunity to move freely in the infinite depths of your brain.

It allows you to make all your thinking and planning activities more rational and faster by using Mind Maps confidently.

What is Acquired?

At the end of the course;

  • By improving time management in both your private and professional life, you will save 20% of the time per week.
  • You will improve your communication, problem solving, creativity and information gathering methods.
  • You will enjoy ‘Learning to Learn’ with Mind Maps.
  • You will start thinking more creatively, strategically and analytically.
  • You will be able to work more creatively and produce more innovative ideas, alone or as a team.
  • You will be able to explain the ideas and concepts that require seeing the big picture quickly and easily.
  • You will learn personal and professional applications of Mind Maps.