Speed Reading Exercises

Breaking the Inner Vocalization

Now we have come to the most crucial point. First of all, let’s take a look at how people read like I did before.

Internal vocalization: People repeat the words they see from within. This is called internal vocalization. As we read, we reveal voices from inside or outside. We do this because we think we don’t understand. This habit is really a habit to break difficult, because it has been accustomed to us while learning to read in elementary school. The maximum number of words a person can read is 250 by making an internal vocalization. Many speed readers can cross the 600-700 threshold. Even 1000 words. When you read slowly by making internal voices, you will encounter more forgetfulness, inconvenience, and inability to understand.




So how do we break the sound barrier?

  1. We will learn to move the eye fast.
  2. We will automatically import the information into the working memory. Proper nouns, important signs, reference points.

3. We take very little breaks on each page and take long breaks when the sections are over. We transfer information from short term to long term.

Increasing Eye Look Interval Speed

The logic of fast reading is to see the text in 2 or 3 views. Instead of reading, you should look at the middle of the columns in rows in each row with our eyes and move on to another. This rapid movement of our eyes is called “Glance Interval speed”. When we suddenly turn our eyes when there is a sound coming from an unexpected place, this is a glance range. A normal reader creates a glance of less than a word count in a line. Generally, every word is emphasized and this is a very inefficient type of reading. Fast readers complete this by looking at a total of 2-3 times per line in a book and 4-5 times on web pages. On phones, which is an indispensable part of our lives recently, situation 1 is the view. Let’s take a look at how many times we paused in a row. In small screens, generally 1 eye movement is sufficient. When looking at a corridor somewhere, if we divide the other side by 3, we find the exit easier. That’s why the more you see, the faster the viewing range speed increases, the more text we see in less time.

Wide View Range

Wide focal range = short eye range = fast reading
By looking at it at wide intervals, you create the basics of speed reading by ensuring that the eye does not read literally. Exercises will help you with this. Increasing the viewing speed and having a wide viewing range are indispensable for speed reading.

Efficient Viewing Range

It is very important not to start from the very edge of the page while doing the viewing speed. Because the eye will see your right and left. As we divide the text into three columns, we should try to look in the middle of each. This is because the eye can see the right and left of each column.

Speed ​​Reading With Playing Cards

Finger tracking is the worst possible behavior. Sometimes, even if your eye wants to go forward, your finger will not allow it. It is the enemy of Speed ​​Reading. The most important rule of speed reading is that you never go back on the text. Do not do this unless absolutely necessary. Even if you do, finish the section and examine all the marked points. Never go back if you go crazy or crazy. You should get rid of this habit. If you lose focus, you should still not return. See the area you will read. Cover the remaining area with playing cards, this will prevent your eyes from slipping.

Training at the Speed ​​You Want to Read

It is really important to do studies to read faster with less understanding. You will realize that you are already understanding with the following trainings. Start by scanning the page in 30 seconds. This means 600 words per minute. The technique will increase your comprehension level along with speed reading. It is necessary to continue reading in this way until you reach the desired speed. The level of understanding will then increase. Guide yourself to read faster.

Mario Andretti says; if everything seems to be under control, you are not fast enough.

Trick Your Brain

At this stage, the preliminary reading study also provides you with information about what the part is talking about during the speed reading study. But this is not our main focus.

Creating Markers While Reading

It is very important to be able to make markings while reading fast. When reading fast, maximum 2 marks should be made in one paragraph. Do not bother to put the markings until you have pictures on your mind. Instead of markings, try to understand what is being told in the section you read within 2 seconds when the paragraph ends. Imagining the colors is actually creating a kind of marker. Find a few markers in the parts. You will advance it slowly at the first stage, but the progressive exercises will make it happen in your mind as it passes over the piece.