Speed Reading Software

Speedymemory is an innovative computer program designed to improve reading skills.

Speedymemory includes constantly improved exercises to expand reading skills and visual space. In addition, reading tests are carried out at the beginning of each session, and finally the results of each exercise or test type are recorded. So every user can track their progress.

Various reading modules will give an impressive increase in reading speed in each training session. It will also assist the user in developing new reading habits. The user will also scrutinise the principles of efficient reading and learn the exercises to be applied while reading a book. The most effective method for providing such reading support is a computer program.

Course program focuses on reading all the words, i.e. holistic reading. Partial reading techniques, such as slip, require fast perception of words and fast reading of short passages. Integrated reading thus forms the basis of all speed reading techniques.

Learning Theory While Applying
With Speedymemory speed reading software, exercises are based on practicality. The texts that form the basis of this unique method developed by speedymemory.com are used as reading exercises. It offers a fascinating experience to its readers while explaining what is happening to their brains and eyes while reading. These texts simply explain the language mechanisms associated with eye movements, vision and reading.


There is a widely known joke about speed reading: “I finished the War and Peace with speed reading in ten minutes… it was about Russia.” This is pretty funny. However, all reading tests show that good readers not only read faster, but actually read more, and reach a higher understanding. Because of they are efficient information managers, they are more productive and better decision makers.

At Speedymemory, we sincerely believe that reading efficiency is the most productive and easiest way to improve oneself. It is an invaluable tool for administrators, students and anyone dealing with information. It aimed to address everyone who loves to read. Reading a lot; is the key to developing skills such as broad vocabulary, spelling, rich expression and a global cultural level.

Reading for pleasure; It even has a positive effect on health, as it provides a unique escape from stress, overwork and depression.